Hell Pizza, Queenstown New Zealand

About Hell Pizza, Queenstown

Cityfitness Newmarket is part of a chain of New Zealand fitness centres. ‘With a membership at CityFitness, you have access to incredible services and amenities that will help you achieve your goals. We believe that you should get to choose the membership that works best for your needs without all the sales pressure. A section of our popular membership options are now available to buy online. We hope you take the next step on the path to living a healthier, happier life.’


Joining a fitness centre or gym can be a daunting prospect for some people, so the challenge is to allow a comfortable and less-pressured way that potential clients can view the facilities and equipment. Showing prospective clients around the facility and answering questions online and over the phone takes a lot of staff resources so finding a way to better communicate would be ideal.

With number of fitness centres, Cityfitness was also seeking a way to stand out from the crowd and differentiate their business – from both the competition and other branches.


Google Street View Trusted provided a marketing tool that allowed potential customers to ‘try before they buy’. The virtual tour enables visitors to view the facilities and equipment on offer prior to a centre visit meaning that those who do visit and more likely to be ready to engage, purchase, join the gym.

Google Street View Trusted

Google Street View Trusted offers a high-quality interactive tour of a business’ interior. This panoramic, 360-degree view is used in Google search results to guide traffic and engagement. This allows visitors to explore the fitness centre quickly and easily see the décor, the standard of the facilities, the layout of workout areas, and the quality and range of equipment as they decide where or not to join the gym.

To learn more, visit www.maps.google.com/businessview

Benefits of Google Street View Trusted for customers of Hell Pizza, Queenstown

  • Business View extends an invitation to customers to visit inside your business with a virtual tour and therefore be more comfortable in their decision to engage

Benefits of Google Street View Trusted for Hell Pizza, Queenstown

  • They have been able to enhance their online presence across Google – Google+, Google Search, Google Maps
  • Google Street View Trusted is a simple, fast and affordable process

Benefits of Google Street View Trusted in general

  • Business View photos can be embedded on a business’ website with simple HTML or Google Maps API
  • The virtual tour can be published on Google Maps and Google+ pages
  • A Google certified Trusted Agency will complete premium quality photo shoots around businesses’ schedules to minimise business interruption
  • Photo shoot results can be live on Google in a matter of a few weeks in order to start achieving real results

So what are you waiting for?

  • Contact a Google certified Trusted Agency
  • Schedule a time for your photo shoot
  • Relax – now your photographer takes care of the rest
  • Check out your virtual tour online

In New Zealand there are two Google certified Trusted Agencies, of which, Mint Design is one. We’d be happy to discuss Google Street View Trusted and other service like Website Design Christchurch in more detail and how it presents a fantastic marketing opportunity for your local business.

Pay Chicago Motor Coach – Making Food Tours Even Better

You can find a smorgasbord of restaurants and food districts when visiting the Windy City for a food tour on board a Chicago motor coach. Bring everyone and have an exciting adventure to fill your cravings for different cuisines, comfort food, and sweets among many others. Chartering a bus for a food trip to Chicago offers a wide array of perks especially if you want to truly savor your getaway. Charter buses are popular options and means of transportation especially for groups with a large number of passengers on board. Get accommodated hassle-free with the right type of chartered ride that suit your travel preferences.

Chicago Motor Coach and Other Charter Vehicles

Charter rides are not created equal. Some vehicles are smaller while others are undoubtedly humongous to accommodate even more than 60 persons in a single trip. Thus, the secret to finding the perfect match for your group is through knowing some of the different types of vehicles available for charter services.

Minibuses and Mini Coaches

This type of charter vehicle is perfect for a significantly smaller number of passengers. Tourists as well as locals rent a mini coach or minibus for special shindigs and occasions. Some bachelor’s parties are best celebrated on the road. Minibuses are perfect for this type of event. Others charter a minibus or coach for bridal showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, proms, and even a small group educational trip.

Executive Motor Coach

A Chicago motor coach with an executive or deluxe twist is ideal for business trips and corporate tours. Most of these bus types are designed with amenities that resemble a conference room or office for a more professional look and experience. Some coaches have sophisticated seats and layouts so that you can even conduct a business meeting while on board.

Tour Buses

One of the most popular options for road tours is the tour or sleeper buses. This chartered ride is complete with bunker beds and customized kitchen amenities to resemble a home on the road. The bus type is popular among music groups or bands that are on road tours for a longer period of time.

Where to Eat in Chicago

Find a long chain of restaurants and food districts to satisfy your hunger pangs while on a food tour in Chicago:

  • The Blanchard
  • Wyler Road
  • Johnny’s Grill
  • Small Cheval
  • Expat
  • Boeufhaus
  • Haywood Tavern
  • The Angry Crab
  • Rural Society
  • Dove’s Luncheonette

Tips on Finding the Right Los Angeles Charter Bus for Your Trip

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US and the most populous in the state of California. It is also an important center for entertainment, culture, fashion, science, technology, research, and medicine. It is divided into several large districts, each boasting a huge number of impressive attractions for people of all ages. If you’ve always wanted to plan a trip here with your family and friends, now is the time to do it. Book your hotel rooms in advance and look for a reliable form of transport to take you form one attraction to another, in perfect safety and comfort. Obviously, the best way to travel is by charter bus. Finding a reliable LA charter bus is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is type the keywords into your browser and check out the first page of results. Don’t just hire the first bus company you find, because there are many unprofessional companies who will offer low prices, but the services are horrible.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right charter bus company for your needs:

Look for a bus company that has a professional website and staff

If the bus company you want to hire has a professional website, it means that they are willing to invest money in offering the best services to their customers. Make sure the information available on the website is updated by getting in touch with them whether by writing them an email or calling them about the Los Angeles charter bus rental. You could also tell if a charter bus company is reliable if they have trained personnel who know how to talk to a client and what information to provide them.

Choose a bus company that has a good safety rating

It’s important to hire a charter bus company that has a good safety rating. In order to verify their rating, you should visit the Federal Motor Coach Safety Administration’s website. The highest safety rating a charter bus company can receive is “satisfactory”, so it is best if you choose one of the charter bus companies in Los Angeles who’ve earned this status.

Find a bus company that enjoys a solid reputation

The easiest way to see if your charter bus company has a great reputation is by checking the forums and specialized websites to see their reviews and comments written by former customers. It is very important to know if the previous clients have been satisfied with the charter bus company’s services, the charter buses’ facilities and the driver’s professionalism.

For more info please Click Here

Simple & Easy Ways To Find A Good Atlanta Bus Charter

If you are planning for a Georgia tour one of these days, it is more likely that you and your group are going to stop in the city of Atlanta. Well, this is not surprising because this city is simply enticing and inviting in many ways and this is especially true when it comes to the grand things and places it has to offer. And for you to be able to enjoy your city tour, it really makes sense to form a group, a way that will make you feel satisfied without the boredom along the way.

Opting for a Good Transport Service

We all want to have the best for our needs and when it comes to safety, comfort and satisfaction, choosing the best transport service is truly important. With the best kind of transport service, you are simply given the assurance that everything that is offered to you is at its best. And of the various kinds of transport services offered in the city today, an Atlanta Bus Charter proves to be the most popular among groups of tourists and travelers.

How to Spot the Best Bus Charter?

Keep in mind that many tourists and travelers dot the city every day the whole year round and this is the reason why many transport companies are scattered around. When it comes to charter bus companies, you will surely feel overwhelmed seeing the numerous companies that offer charter bus services. For you to be able to spot the best one, it really helps to review the following tips and pointers for your convenience:

  • See to it that your search task is made with the aid of the internet. Online searching offers fast and effective results right at the tips of our fingers and right in the comforts of your home.
  • With the overwhelming results offered to you by the search engine, you can simplify your options by choosing at least three to five company names.
  • Once you have chosen the prospective companies, the next step is to compare one company after another. You can visit the sites or ask for a quote from each of them. These quotes will help you simplify your comparison.
  • Eliminate the ones that do not meet your expectations and standards. The one that’s left is simply the best bus charter company for you.

With these simple and easy tips, finding the best Atlanta Bus Charter is no longer hard and confusing!



New York Charter Buses – A Royal Trip to Queens

Queens is a diverse place in New York with tons of outstanding sites and tourist spots to explore. New York charter buses will help you get to your desired destinations in the district. Get to explore different foodie spots with themed cuisines all around the globe. You can also find sports stadiums and other spots for sports buffs. Cutting edge arts and so much more flourish in the metro. To go around Queens, make sure you are onboard a charter bus service ideal for larger group of passengers and tourists. Nowadays, renting a bus in Queens is a popular choice among locals and guests alike.

Why the buzz about New York Charter Buses?

Chartering a bus in New York could definitely give you the most exciting and unforgettable adventure. If you explore Queens, you will certainly see and enjoy more. Here are some of the top privileges of chartering a bus in NYC for your Queens group tour:

  • Great savings are guaranteed. Compared to other modes of transportation such as public transits or driving your own vehicle, bus charter is more affordable. You can find the ideal package deal for your trip in Queens, NYC and other parts of the U.S. Get to save a significant amount as you cross out gas and parking expenses from your list.
  • Flexible itinerary is welcome. Based on the provisions of the bus company and your arrangement with them, charter buses are available any time of the day or night. You can arrange your trip with the bus company to go to your itinerary at your most comfortable and convenient schedule.
  • Comfortable trips for short or long distance destination. Whether just a few blocks away or a longer group tour, chartering a bus is possible. You can find New York Bus charter Company  to offer comfort and convenience. Some of the amenities to ensure this include onboard restrooms, comfy and plush seats, spacious interiors and so much more.

What are places in Queens to explore?

Experience the colorful and diverse features of Queens, NYC as you explore the metro and see these stunning sites:

  • MP Taverna
  • Flushing Meadows Corona Park
  • Queens Museum
  • New York Hall of Science
  • Queens Zoo
  • Noguchi Museum
  • Museum of the Moving Image
  • Wells Dinette
  • MoMA PS1
  • Queens Boroughs World-Class Restaurants and Spots for Foodies
  • Jamaica Bay and Rockaway Beach

For more info please visit: NYCCharterBusCompany.com